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Health Insurance Plans

        All our Health Insurance products cover mental illness at par with physical illnesses.    

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    If you haven’t yet taken a family health insurance plan,now is a good time to do so.Read on to know the reasons.

    For years now,the world has been noticing an uptick in the numbers of life threatening diseases striking people annually.The incidence of cancer and many serious illnesses is increasing every year.

    Rising stress,lower immunity and fitness,junk food and a fast lifestyle are all contributors to this trend.

    An illness does not discriminate between young and old,poor or rich.It strikes when it has to,and anyone in its path becomes an unwitting victim.As grim as it sounds,your child is as open to ill health as your parent or even you.You can ensure that the family follows a healthy diet,gets enough exercise and also sleeps enough.But can you really stave off disease?

    Nobody can – but you can financially prepare yourself by taking afamily health insurance plan

    Why take family health insurance?

    The costs of medical care are quite high in India.A single night of hospitalisation can set you back by at least thousands of Rupees.Add to that the costs of doctors’ consultation,medicine costs,surgery and post-surgery treatment,etc.You could be staring at a bill that goes upward of lakhs of Rupees.

    You may not have the financial wherewithal to deal with this kind of medical emergency.But your family health insurance policy provides the financial means to deal with any health problem.So whether a parent needs a hip replacement procedure or you need to deal with a serious illness,your family health insurance can tackle it for you.

    Consider the following benefits of taking afamily health insurance plan:

    • Every family member gets coverage.One family health plan becomes the protection you need for all family members.Each member gets equal coverage.

    • Easier to manage.Instead of taking individual health plans for each family member,it is better to take a family plan.One plan is easier to handle than multiple ones.Besides,it is more affordable to pay one premium instead of many.

    • Covers every area of expense.Look for plans that extend coverage for diagnostic tests,hospitalisation,surgery and post-surgery expenses,medication and ambulance costs.

    • Tax benefits.Reputed insurers today offer a bevy of benefits to go with the family health plan.You can customise the plan to include important riders and also critical illness insurance.Besides,you can avail of tax rebates under Sec 80D against the premiums paid.Policy renewal and new inclusions are also possible online.

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