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border line Need today: Personal Accident Insurance border line

    The new age mantra these days for individuals who love bikes,cars and are always on the lookout for a thrill,should be buying apersonal accident insuranceplan.Do you think it is not really needed and that some companies are going over the top with their advertising to convince people that they need such a policy?Well the thought is not entirely wrong,however getting apersonal accident insuranceis best safeguard that you can have against any mishaps that may occur without any warning.What is the purpose of a personal accident policy?

    The idea of having apersonal accident insuranceis to get compensation for accidental death or permanent disability,which could be due to bodily injury during an accident.This policy provides that,if at any time while the policy is active,the insured suffers any bodily injury that is exclusively and directly an accident caused by outside vicious and observable means,

    then the insurance company will pay to the person insured or his legal personal representative(s),the sum or sums put,out,in the policy,in case of permanent disability or even death.Some terms that you need to know about.

    Bodily injury:Any illness caused due to an accident is known as bodily injury,but it does not contain any ailment owing to natural causes.Psychological breakdown or physical griefs do not amount to a mishap unless there is some physical injury caused.For e.g.if you suffer from paralysis as a direct consequence of grief then the same is covered under such an accident policy.

    Solely&Directly:Any injury including bodily injury should be caused exclusively and directly by an accident;while the bodily injury must direct and free of any other cause resulting in death or disability.For e.g.if a person was thrown from his horse while riding and he gets injured due to which he can't walk.He lies on the wet earth until he is rescued or picked up,which results in a chill which turns to pneumonia and the person dies.Though the person died due to pneumonia,the real cause is an accident and it is covered under apersonal accident insurancepolicy.

    Accident:A mishap is an event which is completely surprising while not being intended or designed is an accident.For e.g.a snake bite,drowning or suicide and even a senseless murder are covered under this policy.

    Outside,brutal and evident means:The cause of accident i.e.the way must be inside the definition as a whole,but the effect may not be outside.In other words the means or cause of an accident should be within the definition but the outcome should not be external or noticeable as long as it is bodily injury.For injury could be internal resulting in disablement or even death.

    Disability:When a person is prohibited by an unintentional bodily injury from engaging in any profession or business,then he is said to be disabled.When he or she is unable to perform his duty is known as disability.Once you understand these terms then it is easy to read and comprehend the policy document to know what is included and excluded in the policy.