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Health Insurance Plans

        All our Health Insurance products cover mental illness at par with physical illnesses.    

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    Have you ever faced a situation where you want to undergo a surgery,but find that the estimated cost is way beyond your means?Are you looking for a way out of this situation?The only way you can get out of this situation is to either collect money or havehealth insurance plansthat will cover a pre-existing disease.Getting insurance is the first step that you can have towards defending against any expenses you may incur in case of suffering from any illnesses or an untoward accident.

    Do you know what a health insurance plan means?A policy that insures you against any medical expenses due to chronic diseases,illness is known as a health insurance plan.You can have a single individual type of plan or even a plan meant for a group of different people.There are other types of policies also known as the family floater policy offered by various insurance providers.With the advent of internet and its progress,

    buyinghealth insurance onlineis now offered by these companies to their existing customers as well as potential new consumers.Providing an online buying option has made it easy for you to get yourhealth insurance planwithout going to the insurer's office.

    Such an insurance plan covers the expenses such as hospital room, boarding charges, medicines, and cost of nursing, fees charged by surgeons, physicians, specialist doctors and even anaesthetist along with operation theatre charge, anaesthesia, blood transfusion, oxygen, any surgical appliances used, medicines, drugs, investigative materials, chemotherapy, x-ray, kidney dialysis, radiation therapy, a pace maker, any artificial limbs, organ transplant and similar expenses. Various insurance providers offer different benefits and may or may not include the medical instances mentioned above. The premium is charged on a yearly, quarterly or even monthly basis and you have the option of paying your health insurance online premium through your net banking account directly or by using your debit and credit card for the same.

    The sum assured of the policy is the amount or limit that you are entitled to claim in case of medical emergencies. For every claim free year insurance providers offers a cumulative bonus that may be added to the sum assured on renewal. The percentage of bonus depends on the company and the policy being offered. If you claim for your expenses then your sum assured is reduced by a certain percentage. Some policies offered as health insurance plans online can also provide reimbursements for health check up's.To claim for hospital expenses you would need to stay for a minimum time period,most often it is a complete day or 24 hours.There are exceptions to this rule in case of accidents and any other situations that have been mentioned in the policy document.

    It always pays to read your document completely and understanding all the rules before,you sign on the dotted line and get a health insurance plan.