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Unhealthy lifestyle combined with the degrading environment due to pollution and other factors has contributed to the rise of life-threatening diseases among the Indians. Today, every individual is prone to critical illness at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a critical illness insurance policy which can help you get the best treatment.

Find below a few other reasons as to why should you buy critical illness insurance policy:-
  • Critical illness is a reality
    Whether you are young or old, critical illness is a reality. The dangerous diseases like cancer, liver failure, kidney issues, or heart attack are common these days. The doctors suggest that poor food choices, lack of exercise, and unhealthy lifestyle are few of the reasons why more and more people are getting sick. There are hereditary diseases as well as age-related ailments, which can endanger life. In such cases, basic health insurance won’t be helpful.
    To take the best treatment for the illness, you must opt for a standalone critical illness policy. Insurer usually covers miscellaneous expenses in the critical illness insurance cover. You can always check the features of the policy before opting for it.
  • Health care cost in India
    The health care cost in India has astonishingly increased. The reports suggest that the health care cost is set to double in the coming years. The health care expenses pose a heavy financial burden on the families. Unfortunately, you have to face dangerous illness and take the costs as well for the treatment.
    Critical illness insurance can ease the financial burden and help you face more important challenges like your illness.
  • Rapid medical advancements & Quick treatment is a possibility
    When someone is diagnosed with a critical disease, it is necessary to stay positive. With medical advancement, now available, it is possible to cure any disease like cancer. At the same time, quick treatment is always the first step toward healing.
    Also, you can take the help of the best doctors from all over India without considering the expenses. While taking quality medical treatment, you can handle huge medical bills with the help of right critical illness insurance.
  • International treatment
    You can even get treatment across the globe as the critical illness policy covers it. Note that you would need the reaffirmation of the diagnosis by a physician in India and claim documents must be in English.
    These are the reasons as to why you should buy a critical illness policy.
  • Tax benefits
    One of the chief advantages of taking critical illness insurance is tax benefits. When you pay for the policy, you are saving tax. Also, when a claim is made, the insurer pays a lump sum amount, and generally it’s tax-free as well.
    It is also important to note that once you are diagnosed with any life-threatening disease, you can’t take the critical illness insurance. Therefore, when you are healthy, opt for it now.
    If you have decided to choose critical illness insurance, find these additional useful pointers to help you decide the right one:-
    • While choosing critical illness insurance, it is crucial to note the type of illness covered by the policy. Different insurers cover a wide variety of illness.
    • Always consider the hereditary illness that runs in the family while evaluating insurance.
    • Study the cost and benefits. The best critical illness policy will provide the right balance between the two.
    • Go through the policy in detail. Find about the product highlights and the eligibility of age. Usually, the maximum entry age is capped at 65 years.
    • Check the sum insured eligibility for renewals. What are the exclusions and other details like family definition, renewal premiums, family floater plans, and other details about the policy.

    The importance of having a critical illness insurance policy is increasing at a fast rate. Experts report that life-style diseases are becoming common in young and old alike. Therefore, choose the right policy from Future Generali. It is one of the leading insurance solution providers in India.
  • Driving record in red
    If you get into the bad books of traffic police due to rash driving, speeding up or violation of other traffic rules, it can shoot up your car insurance premium. Due to multiple claims relating to a bad driving record, an insurance policy is more likely to increase the monthly premium at the time of renewal.