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Home Insurance

5 excuses people generally give for not buying Home Insurance

5 excuses people generally give for not buying Home Insurance

For each and everybody, home is like heaven, and there is no such other place that fulfils its purpose. Whether you are the owner of the house or you have rented one, making sure that you and the property are safe and sound is your responsibility. So why not ensure its protection? These are some of the excuses which people generally make for not buying home insurance policy which you should avoid:

  • I am only a tenant

    “I pay the rent every month, in addition to various other kinds of stuff including heating, light, WiFi, TV, etc. why will I take out insurance for someone who owns the home?”

    The very statement which is delivered by each and every tenant and why not? Well, it is the duty of the landlord to

  • rebuild the structure in case of any circumstances. If you are leasing, you should cover all the personal belongings and other valuable items as it would not be covered back in case of any theft, storm, flood, water and fire damages. Before renting the property, you must ask the landlord whether the house is insured or not and make sure it is insured before you move in.

  • We take all other safety measures
    People usually state,”We take all safety measures, we are responsible, we don’t leave flammable things open” and so on.
    Although do accidents occur with alarm? No. So, why not secure your beloved property too? Mainly, Insurance for the house and the belongings give you peace of mind and relaxation that your things and home are secured and will be covered in case of any theft, robbery, etc. It is really good to have property insurance because, in the end, it will be beneficial to you.

  • I cannot afford home insurance
    “Our daily basic needs have become so expensive that considering home insurance seems out of bounds.”
    The premium of the insurance will be around Rs 200 a week, and it is easy to pay for protecting your biggest investment with the guarantee of covering all your things in case of any mishap. Better pay smaller amounts to insure your house than risking to burn your money in the repairs.

  • I do not have time
    People generally say that “I do not have time for figuring out what everything costs, how much cover I need at that time, and who has the best deal, etc.” The solution to this problem is very simple.
    You can easily research and buy home and content insurance online, and it’s fairly easy. By spending little time, you can protect your dream home and assets in case of any unexpected eventuality such as flooding, earthquake, burglary etc giving you peace of mind.

  • I will bear the cost myself
    Life is full of uncertainties. You might decide to pay the bills yourself due to the present stable financial condition. But who knows what will happen tomorrow? Safeguard your hard-earned money and opt for a home insurance policy.
    Don’t fall into the excuses you give to yourselves and others while buying Home insurance. We all know how important it is so go ahead and buy your insurance without procrastinating.

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