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Home Insurance

border line 5 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Claim Process on Your Home Insurance Policy border line

smooth claim process

Home is a dream and also one of the most important asset, a person can possess in his entire life and god forbid if something goes wrong and your house comes in the way of any kind of wrath of the nature or any man made calamities like burglary, short circuit etc. You cannot stop that right?. This is where home insurance policy comes into the picture. Home insurance policy acts as genie when your dream falls apart and brings your home back to life.
However, the process of making a claim on your home insurance policy is slightly different from other kinds of insurance policies. If a burglar has broken into your home or a flood has damaged your possessions, here are five tips to ensure that your claim process runs smoothly and is hassle-free:

  • After contacting the police, contact your insurer
    In case of burglary and vandalism, it is essential to call the police and report the crime first. After calling the police, it is crucial that you contact the insurance company (the phone number is usually listed in your home insurance policy kit or document) and notify them of the theft or home invasion. As much as possible, call the insurer the same day that the untoward incident occurs in your home.
  • Take pictures and protect the evidence
    Many homeowners are quick to dust and mop the floor or clean the house after a theft or home invasion has occurred. Even when a flood or fire damages your possession, you need to stop yourself from cleaning the debris. Why? Because all that damage and debris is evidence!
    Instead of cleaning your home, take pictures of the damage and let all affected items be. The more evidence you have, the smoother your property insurance claim will be.
  • Don’t wait to file a claim
    Besides preserving evidence, make sure that you don’t wait to file your claim. Most insurance companies in India let you file a claim online by downloading a form or filling it on their website.
    While filing the claim, always provide all the necessary documents and relevant information. Attaching purchase receipts of the affected items will expedite the process. In case you don’t have receipts, you can always provide credit and debit statements that reflect the purchase of the affected items.
  • Be honest and avoid exaggerations
    Although losing your possessions in a flood or fire is tragic, when it comes to filing a property insurance claim, you need to be honest and avoid exaggerating the situation. Focus on providing the facts and presenting evidence.
    Usually, after filing a claim, most insurance companies in India will send a surveyor to assess the structural damage of your home. Show them pictures of your property and possessions before the damage. It helps to keep all these pictures, the claim form and receipts of the affected items together in a file.
  • Follow-up with the insurer
    You work isn’t done once the surveyor leaves your home. Ensure to follow-up with company that has provided your home insurance policy to know the status of your claim.
    Most importantly, cooperate with your property insurance provider and provide them all relevant documents. Use these five tips and your insurance claim will most likely be a smooth and problem-free process.