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border line The 5 Advantages of Future Generali's Auto Insurance Plan border line

    The Future Generali car insurance plan is a winner on many levels – and its 5 advantages accord additional concessions and benefits.

    Taking a car insurance has become quite simple in today’s times. There are umpteen options when it comes to choosing between insurance companies, and several good plans are being sold to customers daily.

    However, some of the best car insurance plans in India offer all-round protection and are intuitively designed to care for the customers’ needs in every way. Take, for instance, the Future Generali car insurance policy. It can be easily purchased online, and its auto insurance renewal process is quite simple as well. It allows as many as 90 days for auto insurance renewal so that you get sufficient time to renew the plan if you are unable to do so on the stipulated date.

    Besides, all claims are settled quickly and efficiently, and the policy has as many as 5 significant benefits to help the customer maximise the policy’s potential. The following are 5 advantages that the Future Generali car insurance plan offers:

    • No Claim Bonus:

      You are in for a pleasant surprise if you did not file any claims during the policy period – Future Generali car insurance rewards you with a No Claim Bonus (NCB) when you renew the policy within 90 days of the plan’s expiration date. You also get discounts up to 50%!

    • Transfer of No Claim Bonus:

      On the subject of the No Claim Bonus (NCB), it is pertinent to note that Future Generali car insurance allows you to transfer the full benefits of the NCB when you shift your insurance policy from Future Generali to another insurer, for any reason. This is a significant benefit that ensures that your NCB monies do not lapse on terminating the relationship with Future Generali.

    • Voluntary Excess Discount:

      You can opt for Voluntary Excess, even if you have already opted for Compulsory Excess (the amount of money you must pay for each claim). But if you opt for Voluntary Excess and you file a claim, then you must bear some amount of loss. Opting for the Voluntary Excess gives you a wavier as per the amount you have opted for.

    • Automobile Association Membership:

      It pays to take the membership of a recognised automobile association in India, if you are opting for a Future Generali car insurance plan – you get additional concessions on your policy!

    • Anti-theft devices:

      You might install good safety features and gadgets for your car. If you have installed an ARAI-approved anti-theft device in your car, Future Generali car insurance offers you additional knock-off!

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