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border line Drive stress-free with Future Generali car insurance policy border line

    Indians are travelling more than ever before. Long drives to beautiful locations to escape the city hustle and bustle is a dream weekend for many. The vacations with family and loved ones to distant places on your car is comfortable and convenient.

    For youngsters, speed always thrills and when you are riding in your privately owned favourite car, it feels all the more special. Imagine driving through the seaside and the cool breeze passing your face. While you enjoy the adventurous ride, it is important that you own a car insurance policy.
    A car policy can make you feel safer, the ride more stress-free and you can always trust that your future is in good hands.
    But, why exactly do you need car insurance in India? While you may be a trained and careful driver following the traffic and driving rules, it may not be the case with others. In India, there is always a possibility that your car can be damaged. The repair might be too costly.
    Here are a few more reasons as to why you should get a car insurance policy in India:-
    • Large number of vehicles
      India is a country with a large population. More and more number of people own a vehicle, a two wheeler or a four wheeler. There are heavy industry vehicles which roam around from one city to another. Then, there are buses, autos and other means of transport.
      When such a huge number of vehicles are on the roads, it automatically caused traffic. Eventually, this may result in getting your vehicle damaged.
    • Quality of Roads
      The quality of roads in India is worrisome. You ride in any part of India and you can easily find potholes and damaged roads all around. It becomes even more difficult during rainy reason to drive through bad roads.
      Your car can suffer major damages. Tyres can wear off. The internal parts like the engine can get cranked leading to car damage.
      The situation demands that you get a car policy on your name always.
    • Reckless Driving
      India is one of the few countries where every year thousands die due to road accidents. There are dangerous bike and car accidents that occur due to reckless driving. Sometimes, it won’t be even your mistake and yet you will have to bear a big cost.
      This is the reason why according to the motor vehicle act, it is a minimum requirement to get a third party liability cover is mandatory for every vehicle. You can opt Future Generali, one of the best car insurance in India.
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    • You love your car
      It is a dream for many Indians to have their own car. If you have a family, it becomes all the more important utility to possess. It is a delightful experience to ride with your family. Therefore, you must protect it with the best car insurance policy.
      With increasing income and growth of financial services, almost all the people can now buy a car even with a loan. It also makes up for a good investment if you take into consideration the level of value it adds personally as well as financially.
    • Why Future Generali? And what does it offer? know how to claim it.
      Future Generali Car insurance is one of the leading insurance service providers in India. A car insurance policy can keep you secured in any case of legal or medical needs. The highlights include the following:-
      • Instant online issuance - The digital transformation has made life easier for everyone. It is so simple to buy car policy now online. All you have to do is to fill in your information and choose the type of car insurance you need.
      • Accidental towing assistance within city limits - Very helpful feature that can make recovery and repair of your vehicle a hassle-free process.
      • Automated renewal reminder service - The sole aim is to make your daily busy lives more comfortable and therefore this special feature is incorporated just for you.
      • Exceptional customer service, available 24x7 - You can always trust the robust network of customer care centres all across India and a team that is always at your service.
      • Quick surveys - Quick surveys means quick issuance of your claims and help you live better lives.
      • Future Generali has achieved success by serving and helping customers in the best way possible. 3 of our unique selling points are mentioned below and we keep on adding some more every year. This makes us the trusted choice among the insurance buyers for car insurance in India.
      • Fast claim settlement
      • Personalized service
      • Cash settlement in over 900+ convenient shops.
      • In addition, there are several Motor Add features that can give coverage for theft or loss of keys and personal belongings, tyre damage and much more. Coverage in case of car damage, personal accident cover, third party liability, additional legal liabilities is offered by Future Generali.
      • The additional premium helps you enjoy exciting features.
      • The processing and servicing claims are done in the fastest possible time without causing any inconvenience. Also, since the policy issuance process is done online, it is lightning fast as well. Buying car insurance online has been never this easy.
      • Next time when you are planning for a long drive from Mumbai to Goa or any other dreamland, opt for a Future Generali car insurance policy to stay stress-free and drive with a glee.