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Travel Insurance

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international travel insurance

In this hectic and stressful life, one often needs a break. The best way of taking a break is to plan a vacation with the family. Going abroad is one of the best things which you can do as it is very relaxing and you get a nice break from your hectic life. But before going abroad you must make sure that you are going there with security. Security in this term means insurance. Traveling abroad also has certain uncertainties which one must keep in mind. Overseas travel insurance is thus mandatory before you travel.

  • Why get a travel insurance?
    Before setting off on an adventure, you must also have a look at the risks, which are involved while travelling as only then you can be totally prepared for your trip. Here are some of the problems which can be faced while traveling abroad.
    • Medical Emergencies
      This is one of the most common problems faced while traveling abroad. One may fall sick or come across any medical emergencies. The weather and the climate of the new country can be a problem for the body and hence one may fall sick. The cost of medical treatments is very high abroad as a result of currency differences. Hence one must take into consideration this aspect while traveling abroad.
    • Loss of Luggage
      There have been cases where people have lost their luggage in transit. There have also been instances where the luggage has been stolen or damaged due to some reason. Missing luggage is a grave problem in a foreign country as that is all you have. Overseas travel insurance is of great help in such cases.
    • Flight Delays
      Flight delays are a prevalent problem, which is faced by many people. As a result of this, you may have to return in emergency situations. If the flight is missed due to some reason you must also have to pay for the flight ticket all over again. This can put a big hole in your pocket.
      Now that we have seen the problems faced by the travelers it is time to see what one can do about these problems. The only solution to all these problems is international travel insurance.
  • How Travel Insurance Can Be Your Savior?
    • Medical Assistance
      Medical assistance is provided 24*7 when you have travel insurance.
    • Hospital Costs
      If you come across certain injuries and need to be hospitalized, the hospital costs are also covered by the international travel insurance when you are abroad.
    • Travel Expenses and Accommodation
      If you fall ill and are not able to get home, the unplanned travel additional costs will be taken care of by the travel insurance company.
    • Family Emergency
      The travel insurance also works in the case of family emergencies where a relative or the person you are traveling with has certain problems or needs to be hospitalized.
      Thus now we understand how important it is to have travel insurance. There are many types of overseas travel insurance in India. Future Generali offers some of the best travel insurances. To get to know more about them get in touch with us. Leave your number here and get a call from us.