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Travel Insurance

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Are you a person who has been diagnosed with wanderlust? Do you love traveling and look out for opportunities to travel whenever and wherever you can? If the answer is yes, then you also need to have information about something called as travel insurance because it comes in handy if you travel a lot. If you travel often then you must buy travel insurance . If you are really wondering what is travel insurance is then here are some basics about the same.

  • What is travel insurance?
    Travel insurance ensures that you are financially secure when you travel, especially abroad. Travel insurance has many benefits , but the most primary benefit is you get medical treatment if at all you fall ill or encounter an accident while travelling. Medical treatment can be very expensive and thus insurance will always come to your aid. It is as important as your passport.
  • When to apply for travel insurance?
    The application of the travel insurance must be done at the same time when you book your trip. A travel insurance policy is a must have as it protects you against many unpredictable possibilities which may arise in the course of your travel. You are well prepared for all the problems which may arise. As the old saying goes precaution is always better than cure. Thus it is always better to be prepared for anything and everything.
  • Types of Travel Insurance

    • Domestic Travel Insurance
      The domestic travel insurance is to be taken when you are traveling within the country. This insurance covers medical expenses as well as lost or stolen baggage expenses. Domestic travel insurance in India is crucial as this a huge country where everything right from the language to food changes from place to place.
    • International Travel Insurance
      Overseas travel insurance is used when people travel abroad. This insurance comes in assistance in problems like if your passport is lost, lost baggage, travel delays and medical problems. This is a must have insurance when you go abroad as the medical fees are really high in the foreign countries.
    • Medical Travel Insurance
      Medical travel insurance is an exclusive travel insurance policy which is designed for the payment of medical expenses which may occur in your travels. If it is an adventure tour – like trekking etc., then you may require medical help and thus this insurance is always the best for such cases.
    • Group Travel Insurance
      This type of insurance is for the people travelling together but who are not related to each other. Thus if you plan to take a trip with your friends then this type of insurance is beneficial for you.
    • Family Travel Insurance
      As the name suggests family travel insurance is for your entire family. This insurance will cover all your family members and will ensure that your family has a safe trip.
    • Senior Citizens Travel Insurance
      Senior citizens travel insurance is a travel insurance which is especially designed for senior citizens. Senior citizens have special health care needs and thus, it is always better to get travel insurance when you are traveling with for as a senior citizen.
      Apart from these types, there are also other types of travel insurances like student travel insurance, multi-tour travel insurance, corporate travel insurance and so on.
  • How to opt for the best travel insurance plan?
    Many popular companies offer travel insurances. The competition in the insurance sector is fierce and each company has something or the other to offer. While choosing the best insurance travel plan you must check for the credibility of the company and for all the things, which the company is offering under that travel plan. You must also look at the claim settlement ratio of the company before buying the policy. Travel insurance has many benefits and thus it is always advised to be better equipped with the travel insurance where you can travel without any worries and enjoy yourself thoroughly.