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 Our Personal Cyber Risk Policy covers you for 1 year.

 If you are between the ages of 21-50, you can buy our policy.

 Malware attacks are the most common form of cyberattacks. Malware can cause changes in your computer system without your consent. These attacks can hamper your privacy and can compromise your data. Fraudsters can also use it to extract money from you.

 Credit monitoring involves tracking someone’s credit history. This monitoring detects any suspicious transactions and activities.

 The policy covers defence costs, counselling services, direct financial loss, and IT consultation services.

Option 1: You can either file an online claim (Claim form)

Option 2: You can call us at this toll-free number (1800 266 1112).

 We provide personal card loss cover as an add-on cover. You will have to pay an additional premium to get the benefit.