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Comprehensive Day Care Program

Comprehensive day care program for holistic development of children on construction sites,
Dharavi, Mumbai and Pendhar, Navi Mumbai - Maharashtra

Paint a creche initiative

Select employees from Thane branch and Vashi branch visited the Pendharcentre along with some of our senior leaders to participate in ‘paint a creche’ initiative.

The aim of this initiative was to make our centre lively and colourful for the children.

The employees enthusiastically painted the centre and also distributed toys, education and drawing kits and hygiene kits to the children.

About Comprehensive Day Care Program

“The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out” – Bill Gates

In India, every year millions of children die before reaching the age of 6 due to lack of care and protection. Those children, who survive, don’t reach their full potential. The situation is worse for the children on construction sites who are even more vulnerable. As a result of extreme poverty of their families these children suffer from malnutrition, accidents, and innumerable health problems.

We, at Future Generali, believe that early childhood care and education builds a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing. Therefore, through our intervention we ensure education, health, nutrition and holistic development for 130 children on the sites of Dharavi and Pendhar.

We support creche for children of 0-3 years, pre-school for 3-6 years and afterschool for 6-14 years. Theme based learning, regular doctor’s visit, nutritious food and teacher training are some of the main components of our program.

To ensure sustainability, we keep community outreach at the heart of our program. We reach out to the parents regarding matters concerning to their child’s health and progress through interactive and innovative methods.

Through our interventions, we aim to achieve positive and long-lasting changes for migrant workers on construction sites and their children in combatting their economic disadvantages.

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