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Aiming for quality education for the children of migrant-tribal community, Raigad, Maharashtra

Audio-video aid for improved learning experience at Muktshala

In its efforts to introduce newer teaching-learning methods at Muktshala, FGII has recently provided a LED television at the facility. Through this interactive audio-visual learning aid, the children will learn their subjects in an engaging manner. Also, the subjects will be taught in line with the state board’s curriculum.

Recently, FGII team visited the facility and carried with them some animated movies such as Panchatantra, The Lion King, The Jungle Book and other interesting and inspiring stories. Together with the faculty and FGII team, the children cheerfully watched The Jungle Book. The kids clapped and cheered enthusiastically during the movie and enjoyed watching Mowgli’s journey in the jungle.

As the session came to an end, the children shared their learnings from the movie and went to their respective classes with an endearing smile on their faces. Because they knew that from now on, learning will be a whole new experience for them.

Inauguration of Muktshala

FGII recently inaugurated 'Muktshala', in Mahad, Raigad. During the inauguration, the top management along with the employee volunteers were welcomed by the children at the facility, with fresh flowers, tilak and traditional folk dance. K. G. Krishnamoorthy Rao, MD & CEO inaugurated the facility with ribbon cutting followed by a lamp lighting ceremony. Thereafter we organised a drawing competition on the topic of 'Importance of Sanitation'. The competition witnessed some brilliant pictures drawn by the children, out of which three winners were selected and awarded.

Furthermore, FGII team distributed stationary, crayons and chocolates, to all the 80 children. The team also inspected the entire facility thoroughly, to ensure that the proper standards of cleanliness and hygiene are being maintained.

About Muktshala

"A child without education is like a bird without wings"~ Tibetian proverb.

Education is one of the most powerful weapons to break the shackles of poverty. It is the educated citizens who contribute largely to the economic development of their nation. Thus it is a hope to bring about a sustained positive reform in our society. As the gaps in the education system impedes the country's overall growth and development, it needs to be addressed immediately. Towards this, we must protect every child's fundamental right to quality education under all circumstances.

In its effort to fulfill the undertaking towards providing quality education, Future Generali India Insurance has extended its support to 'Muktshala'- a Pride India initiative. The initiative, restores the educational rights of 80 tribal children of migrant workers in Raigad district of Maharashtra. 'Muktshala', a residential facility provides these children with clean home - like stay, food and nutrition and quality education in order to create a right environment contributing to their overall development.

The overall needs of these children are addressed through facilitating nutritious food, qualified teachers, uniforms and educational materials, computers, medicinal support as well as overall maintenance of the facility. Also to promote high-esteem among the children, they have been provided with sports materials and other materials supporting extra-curricular and recreational activities.

The efforts towards sustaining formal education, in a seemingly impossible case of tribal migrants, serves as a great benefit for the children who would otherwise have dropped out of their schools due to migration. Thus it is essential to empower these children to break the vicious circle of poverty and contribute constructively in nation building.

With a dedicated and well-planned intervention, FGII aims towards a minimum 55% increase in access to quality education along with an estimated 80% increase in the learning levels of the beneficiaries.