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CSR Philosophy

With our vision so incredibly focused on the welfare of the people, the organization feels a powerful sense of responsibility towards the interests of the community and environment. We have identified social initiatives aimed at empowering the society while taking care of the basic needs of health, education and environment.

Although we are at a nascent stage of our CSR journey, our employees are actively engaged in our sustainability efforts and take pride in being part of a socially responsible corporate.

Health is a major issue hindering public well-being and progress. We have identified access to quality healthcare, nutrition and sanitation as the key factors responsible for building and improving the health of the society. With relentless focus on these factors we aim to build a healthy and thriving future generation that contributes to the growth and development of the nation.

Access to quality Education is the route to an empowered nation. The educated society contributes largely towards creating newer opportunities for the next generation, thus, multiplying the impact. Lack of quality education, infrastructure and increasing number of drop-outs are some of the major challenges we are passionate to fight for.

Environment is the source of human sustenance. Maintaining harmony with nature by protecting and promoting environment is the firm resolution that we have undertaken. To mitigate environmental risks, combatting climate change following a sustainable approach and promoting sustainable way of living are some of the major steps that we aim for.