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An initiative with a focus on sustainable and inclusive growth of the disadvantaged families, Palghar, Maharashtra

Women’s Day celebration in Palghar

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To celebrate the spirit of the International Women’s Day, FGII team recently visited company adopted tribal hamlets.

The celebration began with a prayer that filled the atmosphere with positivity. Later, a session was conducted by ‘Andh Shraddha Nirmulan Sameeti’ on anti-superstition for the women. The women discovered the ills of superstition which greatly effects their families who fall prey to fake godmen (‘babas’ and ‘ojhas’) for many easily avoidable diseases.

Various myths were debunked during the session by discussing the science behind those myths. This helped them to realise the various ways fake godmen mislead and cheat the public.

To encourage women participation, cookery competition was organised for them. They cooked various delicious and nutritious recipes and won prizes for the same. The women also had fun singing melodious songs and dancing on the beats of adiwasi songs.

Village visit with employees and senior management

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FGII team recently visited the tribal hamlets adopted by the Company in Palghar district. 30 employees along with MD & CEO K.G. Krishnamoorthy Rao visited these padas to know more about the developmental work done by FGII.

The employees also interacted with the locals and came to know about the positive impact these initiatives have in their lives.

FGII employees conducted informatory sessions on Health and Financial literacy for the villagers. Apart from that, the team also distributed solar lanterns to individual families, adult education materials, books for the school library and toys for the village Balwadi.

About Village Adoption

"The village is the cell of the national body and the cell-life must be healthy and developed for the national body to be healthy and developed” – Sri Aurbindo.

Village adoption is an initiative to work alongside the community at the grass root level, while enabling and empowering them to pursue the goal of sustainable development. An essential part of this initiative is to create lasting changes in the lives of beneficiaries by inspiring, educating and enabling them to create and utilise opportunities around them.

With a vision to facilitate integrated and holistic development of the village, Future Generali India Insurance adopted four padas viz., Kadav Pada, Bhonge Pada, Gawari Pada and Kamat Pada in Palghar district. The organisation aims to realise its developmental vision by means of access to sanitation, clean water, electricity, adult education and vocational training to the 132 households residing in the adopted padas. FGII also aims to understand the problems and social dynamics that exist at the grass root level and assimilate the catalysts responsible for building sustainable and cohesive communities.

Through its well-structured interventions based on the needs of these families, FGII has planned to construct toilets, well, borewell, solar street lights and distribute solar lanterns to the beneficiaries over the span of one year. The Company will also dedicatedly strive towards achieving literacy among elders by means of providing adult education to them. Additionally, in order to strengthen the women SHG groups in the village, FGII aims to provide training in goat farming to the community women.