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Safety Tips During Cyclone/Floods

    Safety Tips to ensure maximum safety for your vehicle from further aggravation of loss or occurrence of hydrostatic lock / engine seizure

  • If your vehicle is parked and it is flooded with water never start the vehicle. Call the garage to inform that the vehicle is flooded and ensure that the vehicle is towed to the garage without starting and also inform Future Generali Toll Free no 1800-220-233 immediately or SMS MOTORCLAIM to 9222211100

  • If the vehicle is flooded in the basement of an apartment then do not start the vehicle. Call the garage and remove the battery terminals as soon as possible. Inform Future Generali Toll Free no immediately or SMS 'MOTORCLAIM' to 9222211100

  • In case your vehicle is an Automatic Transmission (AT) ensure that the vehicle is towed on a flat bed or in case it is not available then the front wheels or the driving wheels need to be lifted off the ground. If this is not done your AT gear box will get damaged.

  • Whenever you see a water logged area try to remember the geography of that area. If you are unsure of the geography of that area do not enter the water logging even if it is less than 1 feet as you never know when the depth of water might increase.

  • Don't assume that if a certain vehicle can get through water logging then your vehicle also can. Try to remember and visualise about the air filter / snorkel placement in your vehicle. If your vehicle stops in a water logged area do not start the vehicle. Call the help line of the garage to help you and inform the insurance company too.

  • **Do not delay reporting your vehicle to the nearest workshop and informing your Insurer to avoid further aggravation of loss