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COVID 19 has shown us that nothing else matters more than health. Which is why, we bring to you, FG Gift of Health, a plan that has been designed to secure the health of those who matter to you. Now you can gift your domestic help, friends, family, or even an NGO with the FG Gift of Health plan that covers hospital costs and accidents depending on which product you choose.

After all, a gift of health is the most valuable gift you can give someone.

What is FG Gift of Health plan?

Apart from your immediate family, there are many people you love. You want the best for them and wish they stay safe and financially secure. These people can include your friends, extended family, relatives, NGO and even your domestic help. FG Gift of Health plan allows you to secure people who matter to you. It is the most valuable gift you can give to someone you love. The plan aims to protect the health of people dear to your heart.  

Who all can be given FG Gift of Health plan?

FG Gift of Health can be given to: 

  • Your domestic help (cook, maid, driver, etc.)

  • Your relatives, extended family, friends

  • Any person registered under NGOs, old age homes, orphanages or registered with state/central government


You can also extend the FG Gift of Health plan to the family of the Gift receiver. Family in this regard will include self, spouse and two dependant children (up to 25 years of age).

Why buy FG Gift of Health Plan

What products are covered in FG Gift of Health

You can either choose any one product from below or gift both.

If both the products are bought for the same person, then you will get a discount of 10% on the total premium. 

Future Hospicash
Future Hospicash

In case of hospitalization, rest assured of daily cash benefit to avoid using the savings.

Accident Suraksha
Accident Suraksha

Get a lumpsum amount in case of accidental injuries leading to disability / death.

What is Covered?

Future Hospicash: Hospitalization expenses can be financially burdening. By giving your loved ones the FG Gift of Health Future Hospicash plan, you enable them to receive a daily cash benefit in case of their hospitalization. This financially protects them and avoids draining their savings. 

There are two categories of the Future Hospicash plan. Plans A and B (elaborated below) can be offered for 30 days or 60 days.




Plan A (30 days)

Plan B (60 days)

Daily Hospitalization benefit due to sickness

₹ 500 

₹ 1000

ICU benefit in home city of residence. (max. 10 days)

₹ 1000

₹ 2000

ICU benefit in other than home city of residence (max. 10 days)

₹ 1500

₹ 3000

Convalescence benefit for hospitalization exceeding consecutive ten days

₹ 5000 


Accident Suraksha Cover: Accidents can be emotionally and financially draining. To protect your loved ones from the financial impact of an accident, you can give them the FG Gift of Health – Accident Suraksha Cover. The Accident Suraksha cover provides a lump sum amount, in case of accidental injuries leading to disability/death.

This cover is applicable for the following occurrences:


Sum Insured(₹)

Sum Insured(₹)

Accidental Death



Permanent Total Disablement



Permanent Partial Disablement



Nominee Details:

    • The Gift receiver’s immediate family member  (father/mother/son/daughter/spouse of primary insured) can be the nominee. 

    • You (Gift giver) cannot be the nominee under the policy.

    • In case of cover offered to persons below 18 years, details of the assignee are collected.

    Who is eligible to receive the FG Gift of Health Plan?

    People who meet the following age eligibility criteria can be the receiver of the FG Gift of Health Plan:




    Accident Suraksha

    18 years - 70 years

    3 years to 25 years

    Future Hospicash

    18 years - 65 years

    6 months to 25 years

    Period of cover: One year from the policy issuance date.


What is not covered?

Exclusions under Future Hospi Cash cover

  • Hospitalization for cosmetic treatments, plastic surgery, refractive error corrective procedures, experimental, investigational or unproven procedures or treatments.

  • Non-Allopathic Treatment / Hospitalization.

  • Injury or illness caused in a war, invasion or other similar operations

  • Any hospitalization outside India.

Exclusions under Accident Suraksha cover

  • Any existing disablement before the inception of the policy

  • Suicide and attempted suicide

  • Serving in military or armed forces

  • Occurrence of accident under the influence of drugs, alcohol & other intoxicants

The above list is indicative in nature. For detailed coverage & exclusions, please refer to the policy wordings of our approved products, Future Hospicash (UIN: FGIHLIP22105V022122) and Accident Suraksha (UIN: FGIPAIP18040V021718)

What Future Generali Health Insurance Offers

How to buy FG Gift of Health

You can purchase our FG Gift of Health in several ways:

You Can Call On Our HELPLINE

1800-220-233 / 1860-500-3333 / 022-67837800






Walk-in to any of our nearest branches


What happens after purchase?

Once you buy the FG Gift of Health plan for your loved ones, you can be at ease regarding their financial security during a health crisis. You also get documents that can help you understand the plan better:

  • Policy Schedule You will receive the policy schedule, an outline of the FG Gift of Health plan cover. This outline will include details of the policyholder, coverage amount, additional clauses, exclusions, warranties, etc. 
  • Premium Receipt You will receive the premium receipt of the amount you paid to buy the FG Gift of Health plan. 
  • Policy Coverage and Terms & Conditions This document will explicitly list the coverage of the FG Gift of Health plan along with the applicable terms and conditions. You should read this policy document carefully and highlight important details. In case of any doubt or discrepancy, you can contact us.
  • Claim Form You can take this claim form to register your claim with the nearest FG branch. Alternatively, you can choose to make a claim online or email the claim details to us, and we will guide you on how to proceed further.

What is the claim process?

Our claim settlement process is fast and relaible.

  • Call Us on<br /> Toll Free 1

    Call Us on
    Toll Free

    Call us at our toll-free number 1800-220-233 or email us at fgcare@futuregenerali.in for any query or claim registration.

  • <h4>Register<br />


    We work supremely fast to solve your query and register claims.

  • <h4>Claim<br />


    Download and fill the FG health claim form

  • <h4>Claim<br />


    We will settle the claim in subject to policy terms and conditions

Need to know more about Health Insurance?

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Wise choices like the FG Gift of Health plan shows your protective instinct for those you love. 


  • At the end of one year policy period, primary insured shall have an option to migrate from the Future Hospicash cover in this scheme/ offering to our existing Future Hospicash Policy or, to migrate from Accident Suraksha cover in this scheme/ offering to our existing Accident Suraksha policy

  • We ask your essential details such as your name, address, the Gift receiver’s age, gender, and contact details as mentioned in the FG Gift of Health proposal form. These details will help us in determining the ­final premium and servicing of the plan