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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident

Find out how this plan works for you


Accidents can happen when you least expect it, and a serious injury or accidental death could have devastating financial consequences for you and your family.

The value of human life and sufferings cannot be measured with money, but with a view to provide some relief to you or members of your family in the event of an unfortunate accident, Personal accident insurance can help protect your financial security until you get back on your feet and return to work.


Entry Age

18 years to 70 years with a lifetime renewal option.

5 years to 25 years can be covered as dependents.

Maximum Sum Insured

Maximum sum insured is based on the monthly income of the person:

Cover Maximum Multiplying Factor on Monthly income
*Class 1 *Class 2 *Class 3
Accidental Death 144 120 96
Permanent Total Disablement 72 60 48
Permanent Partial Disablement 36 36 24
Temporary Total Disablement 24 24 Not applicable

What’s Covered

  • Disability or Death Due to Accident:

    Permanent Total Disability, Permanent Partial Disability, Temporary Total Disability & Death arising due to Accident

  • Repatriation Benefit:

    An inbuilt cover for Repatriation Benefit and Funeral Expenses-An amount up to a maximum of 1 % of the Accidental Death Sum Insured would be reimbursed for the repatriation of the insured person’s remains subject to maximum of Rs. 12,500. No additional premium to be paid for this cover

  • Terrorism:

    Terrorism is covered.

  • Hospital Cash Allowance:

    You may apply for per day hospital cash (subject to limits as specified in the policy schedule), in the event of an accidental bodily injury and subsequent hospitalisation.

  • Loan Protector:

    In the event of accidental death or permanent total disablement, lump sum amount as specified in the policy schedule shall be paid

  • Adaptation Allowance:

    In case of a Permanent Total disablement arising out of an accident an amount upto 10% of the principal sum insured subject to maximum of Rs. 50,000 will be reimbursed to you towards the cost of modifying your house or vehicle

  • Family Transportation Allowance:

    When as a result of an accident resulting in either accidental death or permanent total disablement or permanent partial disablement, the insured person is confined in a hospital outside 100 kms of his residence, we will reimburse the actual transportation expenses incurred by the immediate family member on recommendation of a medical practitioner, to reach the insured person limited upto 10% of the Principal Sum Insured subject to maximum Rs. 50,000

  • Additional covers on paying an extra premium:

    The following are not included: Child Education Support, Life Support Benefit, Accidental Medical expenses, Accidental Hospitalisation.

Exclusions of this plan

  • Prior to the Inception of the Policy

    Any existing disablement prior to the inception of the policy.

  • Suicide

    Suicide or attempted suicide is not covered.

  • Military or Armed Forces

    Serving in military, armed forces.

  • Influence of Intoxicants

    Under the influence of drugs, alcohol & other intoxicants.

  • Event of Riots or War

    Participation in felony, riots, war etc.

  • Exposure to Radioactive Materials

    Exposure to nuclear, radioactive materials.

  • Loses Due to Pregnancy

    Loss due to child birth or pregnancy.

  • Special Exclusions

    Pre and Post Hospitalisation expenses and alternative treatments are not covered under accidental hospitalisation cover.

  • To view the list of Non – Payable items, click here.


Disclaimer: The above exclusions are indicative in nature, for detailed exclusions please refer the Policy Wordings

How can you buy this Policy?

Buy your Health Insurance Plan Online

Buying your health insurance plan online for you and your Family in simple steps.

    Here are the steps to buying online:

  • Get an Online Quote
    It takes just a few minutes to generate your quote online.
    a. Select your policy type. If you are looking for an individual health insurance plan, each individual of a family is entitled to a sum insured you opt. In a family floater, the sum insured is shared by all members of the family in the plan.
    Get your Accident Insurance quote

  • Fill in Your Proposal Form
    You need to fill in the proposal form and answer from basic questions about your medical history before you can buy the policy.

  • Review Your Proposal
    Review your quote and verify you have provided correct information including your nominee name and the premium you need to pay.

  • Complete Your Purchase
    After your confirm your premium and agree to the terms & conditions, select a payment method (Credit Card/Debit Card or Net Banking) and pay securely & conveniently in easy steps and you’re done.

  • Download Your Policy
    You can download your policy schedule and print it out. A copy of the policy is also sent to the email address you have provided during the time of registration.

Good health adds years to your life. Secure your family today by buying Future Generali Health Insurance Plan.

What happens next after you have purchased

When you become a Future Generali Health Customer, you will receive a membership pack containing the following:

  • Claim Form

    You can intimate your claim online or submit the form to your nearest branch or alternatively email us.

  • Complaint/Feedback Form

    Should you have any complaints/feedback,you can fill in the form and submit it to the nearest branch or email us.

  • Grievance Redressal

    Procedure along with list of ombudsman addresses. In case you are not satisfied with the resolution to the complaint as provided by us,you may approach the Insurance Ombudsman for review.

  • You can expect to receive this pack within 12-15 working days of purchasing our Accident insurance.


Making a Claim

At Future Generali,we will do everything to make your claim as simple and convenient.And here are few reasons why:

  • We have an in-house claim settlement team that processes your claims within 14 working days from the time we receive your complete claim documents.

  • In order to get the periodic update on your claim,please ensure to mention your mobile number and e-mail Id on the claim form.

  • Find out more about how to make a claim or check out our claim process.

  • In-house team of professionals who can give specialised advice.

Contact our Helpline

In case you wish to speak to our experts about your policy,you can call us on:




You ask. We answer.

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Top reasons why this plan is ideal for you


Worldwide Cover:

You or your family get a worldwide cover, 24/7



Very Flexible and you can cover your spouse and children also.


No Medical Examination



You Pay Less For More

Family discount @ 10% in case more than one person is covered under the same policy.


Quick Turnaround Time

Our average turnaround time for claims settlement is within 14 working days (Subject to all required information/documentation being submitted).



Port your existing policy with us to avail of benefits and services. Portability is as per the Portability guidelines of IRDAI.


30 Days for Renewal

From the expiry date of the policy, you get 30 days grace period for renewal.


Free Look Period

If you are not satisfied with the coverage, and terms and conditions of the policy, you can opt for cancellation of the policy within 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy documents, provided there has been no claim and you shall be entitled to a refund as per the policy terms and conditions.

Enjoy our value added services with Future Generali Health Privileges.

Disclaimer For complete details of Policy coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer the policy wordings. Click here to view Policy Wordings.
For opting additional coverage under Accident Suraksha, kindly visit our nearest branch office.