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What is FG Miles?

“FG Miles” is a Telematics-based policy.  It lets you insure your car per kilometer to have a worry-free driving experience and stay covered at the same time. A Telematics device will be fitted in your car for the time period you have selected in your insurance cover. This device will remain active and help you keep track of the kilometers traveled by your car throughout the period of insurance. 

What is covered?


  • Loss or damage to the vehicle for full policy period

    We will cover you against loss or damage to the vehicle or its accessories in case of

    • Fire explosion, self-ignition, lightning or burglary, housebreaking and theft
    • By riot, strike, or earthquake (fire and shock damage), flood, typhoon, hurricane, cyclone, hailstorm frost and landslide
    • Or due to terrorist activity
  • Personal Accident cover for owner – driver

    In case you have opted for an additional Personal Accident cover, then

    • A compulsory cover of 15 lakhs is available for individual owner of the car while driving (available only if the owner of the car holds a valid driving license)
    • If cover is opted for the passengers, then they can be covered up to maximum of 2 lakhs per person
  • Third party liability

    In case you have opted for Third Party (TP) cover, then

    • Any legal liability that you may incur due to the death of or bodily injury to a third party or damage to the property of a third party while using your car, is covered
    • There is also coverage for the legal expenses you might incur to defend this claim
  • Loss or damage to the vehicle only during the cover opted or the end of policy (whichever is earlier)

    We will cover you against loss or damage to the vehicle or its accessories in case of

    • Accidental external means
    • By malicious act
    • While traveling by road, rail, inland-waterway, lift, elevator or air

Add On Covers

Other Benefits

  • Vehicle Protection Riders/Zero Depreciation

  • Basic Road Side Assistance

  • Engine Protector-for private car

  • Tyre Damage

  • Return To Invoice

What is not covered?


  • Any accident outside the geographical area

  • Any claim arising out of any contractual liability

  • Loss or damage due to nuclear risk

  • Loss or damage caused to

    • Any property or expense or any consequential loss
    • From ionising radiations or contamination by radio activity from any nuclear fuel/nuclear waste
  • Loss or damage caused to the vehicle due to

    • War invasion or act of foreign enemies/ hostilities or warlike operations
    • Civil war, mutiny rebellion or military
  • Loss or damage caused while the vehicle is

    • Being used other than in accordance with the 'Limitations as to Use’ or
    • Being driven by any person other than a Driver as stated in the Driver's Clause
Know your plan:
  • We will not be liable in respect of the deductible stated in the policy schedule.

Telematics Device
  • A Telematics device will be professionally fitted to the car, either by us or through our approved installer/technician.

  • Data gathered and transmitted through this device will be collected via our app and utilized by us for the cover opted.

  • If your car is sold off, you will have to inform the new onwer about the Telematics device fitted in the car.

  • You should not unplug or remove the Telematics device from your car without informing us.


No Claim Bonus
  • We allow you to have an NCB as per policy terms and conditions.

How can I buy FG Miles?

You can purchase our policies in several ways:

You Can Call On Our HELPLINE

1800-220-233 / 1860-500-3333 / 022-67837800






Walk-in to any of our nearest branches


How do I buy additional kilometers for FG Miles?

  • Download FG Insure mobile app 1

    Download FG Insure mobile app

    You can top-up your additional kms by purchasing on our FG Insure app. Click here to download Android  or iOS

  • Select the number of additional kms 2

    Select the number of additional kms

    - Go to your dashboard on the FG Insure app

    - Click the top-up button against your policy

    - Select the number of kms you wish to purchase

    - Check the premium and review before purchase

  • Pay and get your endorsement 3

    Pay and get your endorsement

    Now pay the premium and get your endorsement in your inbox!

What is the claim process?

We treat our customers like VIPs and so our claim process is short and swift.

  • 1

    Contact Us

    Fill an online form or call us at our toll-free number 1800-220-233
  • 2


    Our surveyor will inspect your vehicle
  • 3


    Provide requested documents by the surveyor
  • 4

    Approved Amount

    Approved claim amount will be communicated to the workshop
  • 5

    Direct Payment

    Payment will be directly made to FG workshop


For complete details of FG Miles coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer to the policy wordings.

At the end of the 1 year policy period, the insured person shall have an option to migrate from the FG Miles cover in this offering to our existing “Future Secure Private Car Package Policy” or “Standalone Motor OD Future Secure Private Car Policy”(this standalone cover can only be offered to the vehicles, which are registered on or after 1st October 2018).

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