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Service Parameters and Turnaround Times

Process / Service Parameters Promised Turnaround Times Actual Trunaround Times(Average of past six months, Jan 2020 - June 2020)
Processing of Proposal and Communication of decisions 15 Days 1.65 Days
Processing Cancellations & Refunds 7 Days 2.93 Days
Post Policy issue service requests concerning mistakes, endorsements, any Non-Claim related service requests. 7 Days 0.81 Days
Acknowledgement of Complaint 3 Days Same day
Resolution of Complaint 15 Days 4.5 Days
Conducting of Survey post reporting of Claim 1 working Day 1 working Day
Timeline for Claim settlement/Rejection post receipt of all documents and Survey Report 7 Days for Motor
15 Days for Health
2 Days for Motor OD
8 Days for Health
Cashless Claims (Health) - Post receipt of all documents
  • Initial Authorization
  • Discharge Approval
3 hours 1.5 hours