One in 5 people in India now suffer from Mental Illness. That’s 250 million people!

Everyone is talking about the changes the pandemic has brought about. But not enough people are talking about its impact on our mental health.

The numbers are shocking, aren't they? No wonder the United Nations warns us of this simultaneous pandemic*. One that needs to be fought and defeated.

To spur India into action, we have created specialized masks with messages to spread awareness on mental health issues, and to encourage people to speak up and seek help. The mask, which is the most visible symbol of this pandemic, is used as a medium to prevent another possible one.

*Source : Study conducted by UNRIC (the link can be embedded within if the KV is digital)
*Source : As per WHO’s prediction
wear the message, spread the message!

Unmask your feelings, India.

Are you ready to join the movement to protect India’s mental health? All you need to do is get these masks, wear them and spread the message.

All proceeds from the sales of these masks support our NGO partner, The Mental health Foundation of India.


Frequently Asked Questions

The people of India are currently facing an illness no one has ever prepared them for. Mental Illness. Of course, the pandemic we’re facing has been a catalyst. It has made Mental Illness a disease of epic proportions. Something we cannot ignore anymore. Information about how to handle mental illnesses, or even acknowledging the fact that no one has to suffer alone, can go a long way to ease our burdens. 
#UnmaskYourFeelings is an initiative by Future Generali India Insurance to create awareness around mental health. To make sure Mental Illness isn’t the next pandemic** we at Future Generali India Insurance have put information on masks- we call this ‘The Mental Health Saviour Kit’. Because everyone should know that it’s okay to not be okay and getting help isn’t weakness but a sign of strength.

In this kit, you will get a pack of 3 masks with a flexi-fit neck strap for enhanced comfort. Each mask comes with a unique message around mental health. 

The kit is available on

The Future Generali #UnmaskYourFeelings masks are manufactured by WILDCRAFT.  WILDCRAFT is a licensed manufacturer of the SUPERMASK W95+. 

SUPERMASK W95+ Mask has mask has been SITRA certified. (The South Indian Textile Research Association).

The test details are as below: 
1) 95%+ Bacteria filtration efficiency pre-wash (BFE) for over 3μm (micron) sized bacteria 
2) 95%+ Particle filtration efficiency pre-wash (PFE) for over 0.3μm (micron) size particles 
3) Splash resistant test on Hydrostatic head test for up to 160 mmHg 
4) Differential pressure test (Delta P) with < 35Pa/c

The MRP of the kit is Rs. 600 but it is available at discounted price of Rs.299 

By buying these masks you become a Mental Health Saviour. So, get the masks, wear them to spread the message and contribute towards India unmasking its feelings. We‘ve joined hands with an NGO – “Mental Health Foundation (India)”and all sale proceeds will be donated to create mental health awareness

Every rupee from the sales of these masks will be directed to create awareness about mental health and help those in need.

The proceeds will go towards conducting mental health awareness workshops for the general public across the country and providing them with counselling/psychotherapy sessions.

No, these masks are co-branded with Future Generali and hence exclusively available only on or

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