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Europ Assist

You have been waiting for your holiday, and of course, you deserve this break! But do not rush!

Make your vacation safe with travel insurance combined with travel assistance.

Future Generali has partnered with Europ Assist to offer you travel insurance and assistance for a memorable travel experience!

What is Europ Assist?

We love to make your travel experiences and insurance claims smooth. Our partnership with Europ Assistance, a popular travel assistance provider, helps us do just that.

We’re proud to tell you that Future Generali is one of Europ Assistance 750,000 insurance providers around the world!

With Europ Assist, you get access to the best travel insurance products, expert on-tour assistance, and the fastest claim settlements.

Sail Smooth with Europ Assistance

Experience the finest traveling insurance solutions with Europ Assistance.

To make your trip safe and memorable, we give you medical, travel, and security solutions in partnership with Europ Assistance.

Our partnership provides:

●      Quick and straightforward claims processing

●      Continuous assistance every step of the way during your travel

●      Assurance that you will get back home safely

We work with Europ Assistance 24/7 to make sure that your travel is safe and hassle-free.

What does Europ Assist include?

Here are some of the assistance services we provide along with Europ Assistance.

Global Emergency Assistance Services

* Worldwide emergency assistance services by Europ Assist list*

Assistance Services During Travel

* Travel Assistance Services provided by the Europ Assist list.*

Get in touch with Europ Assistance for travel assistance and claims

*Contact Details for Europ Assist*


Here is the list of countries we provide services in along with Europ Assist