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What is Marine Insurance?

Waiting for your cargo to arrive can be mentally exhausting. However, receiving a damaged cargo or not receiving it at all can be financially stressful.

But don’t worry, we have the right policy to erase all your worries. With our Marine Insurance plans, we protect all your shipments from damage or losses.

Our Marine Insurance Plans

We primarily offer two marine insurance policies. You can either purchase a policy for a specific period or for a specific shipment. Here are our plans.  

Normal Cargo

There are many risks involved when your shipment is in transit. But with our Normal Cargo Insurance policy, you won’t have to worry about those.  

Project Cargo

Your cargo deserves the best insurance policy, and we have it for you! Opt for our Project Cargo Insurance and stay financially secured against loss of or damage to your in-transit cargo.  


Expand your knowledge on how marine insurance works by reading the updated International Commercial Terms (Incoterms).