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What is Future Events Insurance?

 Social gatherings and events make life worth enjoying. From music concerts and weddings to religious gatherings and award functions, you participate in many special events.

If you have ever organised a community, business, or family event, you know the effort that goes into it.

Even if you are a professional planner, things can go south due to unexpected situations. In such times, you need a good event insurance cover.

Well, Future Generali’s got the right insurance for you! With Future Events Insurance, you can secure yourself both medically and financially.

What is in for you?

  • Swift claiming process
  • Super-fast policy issuance
  • Convenient claim intimation
  • Zero deductibles
  • Customisable plans
  • Millions of happy customers
  • Competitive prices

What Does the Policy Cover?

Here’s what our event insurance covers:

Event cancellation

A cancelled event can bring your spirits down. It is a waste of your resources. With our policy, we have you covered financially. We pay for the losses you bear due to cancellation.

Equipment damage

It’s common for equipment like stages, sets, and props to get damaged in an event. But with our policy, you don’t have to bear the financial loss. Our policy covers you against equipment damage.

Personal accident

Accidents can strike any time, even when you’re having fun. But there’s no need to worry! Our policy covers bodily injury, disability, and death due to an accident. The cover applies to the people named in the policy.

Public liability

Sometimes, an accident or misfortune during an event can harm guests, workers, or the property. Fortunately, our policy has a third-party cover as well. It covers all bodily injuries and property damage due to an accident at the venue.

Cash in safe and transit

With our policy, you have your money secured as well. It covers you against loss of cash in transit, theft, or burglary.

What is not covered?


  • Bad weather

  • Ionising radiations

  • War or warlike conditions

  • Communicable diseases

  • Fraud

  • Non-appearance of a guest

  • Losses or damages due to negligence

  • Losses due to pollution, contamination, or seepage

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