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What is Liability Insurance?

Let’s face it; every business faces some level of risk. It can be financial risks, investment-related risks, or operational risks. But did you know that businesses face legal risks as well? Fighting long, drawn-out legal battles can drain your savings, even when you’re not in the wrong!

That’s why it’s always better to have liability insurance from Future Generali. With it, we’ll help you give your business the best protection it deserves.

Our Liability Insurance Plans

Whether it’s employee compensation, public liability, or product liability, we have a plan for everything!  

Public Liability Insurance

Sometimes, your business operations can cause injury or harm to others. But stay legally protected with Future Generali’s Public Liability Insurance.  

Product Liability Insurance

A minor defect in your products can sometimes open you up to massive claims. Stay financially and legally protected in such situations with our Product Liability insurance.  

Errors & Omissions

Sometimes, someone can sue you even if you aren’t at fault. Get our Errors and Omissions Insurance, and let us take care of the legal costs.  

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Protect your business from any legal liabilities due to operations, advertising, or injuries with our all-in-one Commercial General Liability insurance.  

Employees Compensation Insurance

Secure your employees against the financial and health hazards of workplace accidents with our Employee Compensation Insurance.