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What is Cattle and Livestock Insurance?

Cattle and livestock are the bread and butter for millions of Indian farmers. From milch cows to stud bulls – your cattle and livestock are important investments. And that’s why they need protection!

You can’t predict accidents, bad weather, and diseases. But you can stay prepared to face them strongly with the right insurance policy by your side!

With Future Generali’s Cattle and Livestock Insurance, you can now protect your valuable cattle and livestock from the unexpected.

Animals Covered

The Cattle and Livestock insurance covers animals like:
  • Milch cows
  • Milch buffaloes
  • Stud bulls
  • Bullocks
  • Calves
  • Heifers
  • Sheep
  • Goats

What is Covered?

With our Cattle and Livestock Insurance, you can stay financially secured. Our policy covers you against:


Losing your livestock is both an emotional and financial blow. While we cannot help you emotionally, we stand tall to reduce the financial impact. Our policy covers the death of cattle due to an accident or illness.

Permanent Total Disablement

If an unfortunate incident has injured your cattle or caused permnanent toal disability of your livestock, we cover that too. 

What is not covered?


  • Theft

  • Partial disabilities

  • Intentional slaughter

  • Death of cattle due to Pleuropneumonia

  • Disability or death due to neglect

  • Disability or death due to intentional injury

  • Disability or death due to not vaccinating your livestock

  • Disability or death due to a secretive sale

  • Disability or death due to transport by air or sea

  • Disability or death due to Sheep Pox, Goat Pox, Rinderpest, FMD, Anthrax, H.S, B.Q

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