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What is Property Insurance?

When you’re running a business, your property is ground zero. Everything starts and ends there.

It’s home to all your assets and equipment. A place where you and your employees work hard and make all the magic happen. In short, it’s central to the survival and growth of your business.

However, any disasters, accidents, or mishaps can cause irreparable damages to your property. This can put your operations on hold and lead to financial losses as well.

But with Future Generali’s Property Insurance, you stay covered against such misfortunes. From disasters to robberies, our Property Insurance offers financial security against many setbacks.

Plans under Property Insurance

We know you’ve built your business with blood, sweat, and tears. With our Property Insurance plans, we make sure it doesn’t go to waste. Check out our plans below.  

Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy

Protect your beloved property against losses by fire and other calamities with our Standard Fire & Special Perils policy.    

Business Interruption Insurance

Any accident or calamity can hamper the progress of your business. But don’t worry! Our Business Interruption Policy covers you against loss of income due to any setbacks.  

Industrial All Risk Insurance

You have invested a lot in building your plant. But have you thought about its safety? Get our Industrial All Risk Policy, and let us protect your assets while you enjoy peace of mind.  

Burglary Insurance

A single theft can undo years of efforts you spent building your business. With our Burglary Insurance, we ensure that you don’t have to face the financial consequences of theft.  

Shopkeepers Package Insurance

Your shop is your main source of livelihood. Never take its safety for granted. Secure your property against any mishaps or accidents with our Shopkeepers Package Insurance.  

Office Package Insurance

The safety of your employees and office are the two most important things. Safeguard both with our comprehensive Office Package Insurance.  

Educational Institution Package Insurance

Running an educational institution is a challenging job. We can make the task easier for you by financially securing your institution against accidents, mishaps, and calamities.