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What is Engineering Insurance?

Your workplace or factory can’t run without the right machines. Any damage to them can hurt your operations and cause financial damage.

But with our Engineering Insurance, we secure you financially against equipment or machine damage. Your projects and operations won’t have to suffer one bit!

Plans under Engineering Insurance

Even if you’re playing everything by the book, things can go wrong at any time. It can be a machine breaking down or accidental fire, or theft. But with Engineering Insurance, you get the financial support you need when facing roadblocks. Here are all the plans we offer.  

Erection All Risks Insurance

Setting up new equipment can be a long and risky process. If something goes wrong, it can lead to financial losses. Stay financially secured against such threats with our Erection All Risks Insurance.  

Contractors All Risks Insurance

Don’t let losses or damage to your project cost you a fortune. Get Future Generali’s Contractors All Risk policy and get 360-degree coverage for your next project.  

Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance

Any physical damage to your equipment can halt the progress and cause you financial losses. But with our Contractors Plant and Machinery Insurance, we ensure that your projects run smoothly!  

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Can’t run your business without electronic equipment? Get Future Generali’s Electronic Equipment Insurance today and secure your equipment against the unexpected.  

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Sometimes, you can’t prevent your machine from breaking down. But you don’t always have to pay the price. Get our Machinery Breakdown insurance and let us take care of replacement and repairs.