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What is Future Generali Business Interruption Insurance?

 Future Generali’s Business Interruption Insurance covers you and your business against any damage or losses. If your company has to vacate its premises because of a disaster-related damage, we protect your loss of income. The policy also covers operating expenses, like electricity, that continue even after your business is interrupted.  

Why Choose Future Generali?

  • Quick Policy Issuance
  • Swift claim settlements
  • All-inclusive coverage
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Zero deductibles

What Does the Policy Cover?

Our insurance policy protects your business against:

The increased cost of working

Compensation for lost income due to disaster damage

Loss of profits in net trading

Operating expenses like electricity bills even though your business is at a halt

Add On Covers

Yes, our insurance policy provides additional coverage for:

  • Damage to the supplier’s premises
  • Failure of gas, water, or power supply
  • Damage to the customer’s premises

What is not covered?


  • War and nuclear perils

  • Third-party claims

  • Fines and penalties

  • Loss of market

  • Loss of goodwill

  • Failure to recover book debts to the destruction of records

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Disclaimer The above exclusions are indicative in nature, for detail exclusions please refer to the policy wordings.