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Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)


Future Generali as an organisation has strongly believed in giving back to the society and working for the growth and development of the marginalised.

We have been focussing on building meaningful relationships with our partners, creating effective and sustainable solutions for some of the pressing concerns, and helping the marginalized communities avail resources by working closely with them. 


We drive our inspiration for CSR from one of our core values “Live the community”. Community is the social, economic and environmental fabric of the society, the very foundation on which Generali Group has built its history. Being a part of this global Group, we have imbibed a global perspective which is reflected in the way we work and behave. The Company’s Vision to actively protect and enhance people’s lives’ places emphasis on the impact that we have on the community and on the quality of people’s lives.

Our purpose is to bring a difference in the society with commitment to help the deprived by addressing societal issues that need attention and solution based response.

Focus Areas



Most of the people residing in rural areas do not have access to primary and preventive healthcare services and demand urgent attention. At FGII, we are focusing on providing healthcare services to the underprivileged and Contributing effectively towards improving the health conditions of an individual & society at large.



Quality education is not attained & dropout rates remain high because of poor infrastructure in schools. We are working on rebuilding, repairing & renovating existing infrastructure facilities and converting them into conducive learning environments for children attending schools.

The Human Safety Net

The Human Safety Net is a network bringing together the expertise and experience of NGOs, social enterprises, and experts worldwide. It is a foundation set up by Generali to work with the most marginalized communities across 23 countries in collaboration with 56 NGOs.

Countries 23


NGO's 56


NGO’s The Human Safety Net has three focus areas and they are:
  1. Working for Families
  2. Working for Refugees
  3. Working for the New-borns


CSR Projects

CSR Projects

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CSR Committee

  • fabrice-bernard.jpg

    Fabrice Bernard

    Non-Executive Director

  • devi-singh.jpg

    Dr. Devi Singh

    Independent Director & Chairman

  • Pankaj Jaju

    Pankaj Jaju

    Non-Executive Director (Additional)


CSR Policy


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