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What is Personal Cyber Risk Policy?

Today, we literally live our lives on the internet. Naturally, you also face many threats to your identity and money online. Future Generali’s Personal Cyber Risk Policy gives you coverage against many online risks - malware, phishing, cyberbullying, and IT theft.

Why buy Personal Cyber Risk Policy

What is in for you?

  • 10% family discount if you cover yourself and one more person in the same plan
  • 10% to 25% discount on premiums if you choose voluntary deductible plan
  • Floater discount on premiums paid for dependent members
  • 10% discount if you pay all premiums at once
  • No loading charge for a bad claim experience
  • Flexible premium payments - monthly, quarterly and half-yearly
  • 15% discount if you buy from our website

What is covered?


  • Breach of Personal Data or Privacy

    Today, the internet has tons of your personal information. This means that your photos, videos, and text could easily fall into the wrong hands. Our policy will provide you protection if you suffer such attacks.

  • Email Phishing

    Email phishing is a new way for fraudsters to cheat you. Such people may try to get sensitive information out of you by appearing friendly. Our policy pays you for the damages caused due to email phishing.

  • Cyber Extortion

    Cyber extortion is scarier than an actual one. Why? Because people can hide behind the wall of anonymity. But don’t get scared. Stay secured with Future Generali’s policy.

  • Identity theft

    Millions of families around the world suffer from the consequences of identity theft. Future Generali takes care of the expenses if you face this crime.

  • Email Spoofing

    Sometimes, the emails you receive might not be from that sender, even though the address says so. This new type of email scam is known as email spoofing.

  • Cyber Stalking

    Many people on the internet try to frighten or continuously harass a person. Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself and your family from such individuals.

  • Malware attack

    Malware can perform unwanted actions in your system without you knowing it. Such an attack can be devastating and can cause data loss and privacy.

  • Media liability

    Cyber attacks can sometimes release your personal data for the whole world to see. However, there’s no need to worry.

  • IT Theft

    Thefts and burglaries can cause irreparable damages to your finances. Our policy will pay you for your expenses in such a situation.

What is not covered?


  • Property or Bodily Injury

    Mechanical failures, breakdowns, illnesses, or bodily injuries

  • Natural Perils

    Natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, etc

  • Improper or dishonest conduct

    A fraudulent act that is deliberate or intentional

  • Loss of obscene, immoral, racist, or extremist data

    We do not support storing any racist, indecent, or extremist data. That’s why we don’t provide coverage against the loss of such data

  • Losses due to a disturbance in external networks

    Our insurance policy doesn’t cover loss or damage to any devices caused by external network failure or power outage

  • Loss of trade secrets

    We know plagiarism of one’s intellectual property, and trade secrets can be heart-breaking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fall under our policy’s coverage

  • Unsolicited communication

    Data that is stored without your consent

  • War and terrorism

    War and terrorism, including cyberterrorism

Who do we secure and what is the eligibility for Personal Cyber Risk Policy?
We secure
  • Individual

  • Adults

  • Family (Self +Spouse + 2 Children)

  • (Maximum 2 Adults –Self + Spouse and 2 Children’s)

  • Any Individual Person - Above 21 years.

  • Renewal - Renewal will be done automatically if no claim reported

  • This been pre-approved and filled rates, shall not further require any approval

Steps to Buy Future Generali
 Personal Cyber Risk Policy

  • Simply provide us a few details 1

    Simply provide us a few details

    We only need some basic details to give you a quote.
  • Get a Quote 2

    Get a Quote

    Select a quote that suits you and fill our proposal form.
  • Pay and get your policy 3

    Pay and get your policy

    Now pay the premium and get your policy in your inbox!
What happens after purchase?

Once you secure the insurance cover, you get a financial assurance for all your cyber needs. You also get documents for your better understanding and convenience.

  • Policy Schedule You will receive the policy schedule. It is an outline of the cover which is provided by the purchased policy. Details of the policyholder, coverage amount, additional clauses, exclusions, warranties etc will be given in this policy.
  • Premiums Receipt You will receive the receipt of the premium amount you have paid to purchase this policy.
  • Policy Coverage and Terms & Conditions This is a comprehensive document which lists down the coverage offered by the policy along with terms and conditions. It is better to read this thoroughly and highlight important points. In case of any discrepancy or doubt, do get in touch with us immediately.
  • Claim form You can intimate your claim online or submit the form to your nearest branch or alternatively email us.
  • Complaint/feedback form Should you have any complaints/feedback, you can fill in the form and submit it to the nearest branch or email us.
  • Grievance Redressal In case you aren’t satisfied with the resolution provided by us to your complaint, then you can approach the Insurance Ombudsman. This form will have details about the procedure to approach the insurance ombudsman along with the addresses of the ombudsman.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the policy protect me?

Our Personal Cyber Risk Policy covers you for 1 year


What is credit monitoring?

Credit monitoring involves tracking someone’s credit history. This monitoring detects any suspicious transactions and activities.

What are malware attacks?

Malware attacks are the most common form of cyberattacks. Malware can cause changes in your computer system without your consent. These attacks can hamper your privacy and can compromise your data. Fraudsters can also use it to extract money from you.

Who can buy this policy?

If you are between the ages of 21-50, you can buy our policy.

How do I initiate a claim?

"Option 1: You can either file an online claim (Link for claim form) Option 2: You can call us at this toll-free number (*Contact Number)"

Will the policy cover fraudulent credit card transactions?

We provide personal card loss cover as an add-on cover. You will have to pay an additional premium to get the benefit.

What costs does the insurance policy cover?

The policy covers defence costs, counselling services, direct financial loss, and IT consultation services.

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