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What is Future Generali’s Golfer's Insurance?

We know, a good game of Golf is your first love. But what could go wrong? Well, you can injure yourself while playing. Worried? Well, you don’t have to because we keep you safe with Future Generali Golfer’s Insurance.

Future Generali promises to protect you and your assets from any damage. Our Golfer’s Insurance gives you complete protection against risks in the golf course premises.

Here’s to having a fun-filled weekend at the golf course!

Our comprehensive policy provides coverage against:

What is in for you?

  • Super-fast policy issuance
  • Swift claim settlements
  • 24/7 support and assistance
  • Zero deductibles

What is Covered?

Our comprehensive policy provides coverage against:


We know your golf accessories are expensive and they deserve full protection. Theft of golf equipment can lead to financial losses. But we have you covered.

Our policy protects your equipment against any damage caused by theft.

Hole in One (For amateurs only)

A hole in one can be an outstanding achievement, especially if you are a beginner. We understand you want to have a celebration to mark the accomplishment.

So, we pay for that too!

Damage to equipment

Any damage to your golf equipment can result in a financial loss. But your equipment is secured with our policy.

We compensate for any expenses caused due to damage to your golf equipment.

Personal Accident

When you are engaged in a game of Golf, there is a risk of an accident. Accidents have the power to cause a lot of damage. But our insurance is here to protect you and your family.

The policy provides coverage for the following situations in case of an accident:

●        Death

●        Permanent partial disablement

Public and third-party liability

You can always cause damage to property or a person while playing golf. But we make sure that you don’t have to pay the price.

Our policy provides all-inclusive coverage against:

●        Accidental loss or damage caused to third-party property

●        Bodily injury sustained by a person on the golf field

●        Hospitalization and dental covers for the injured person

●        Legal costs

The coverage also includes damage caused while driving your caddy.

Subscription fee reimbursement

Many golf clubs require you to pay a subscription fee to use the course. But the fee is a waste if you cannot visit the course due to an illness or an injury.

Whatever the case, we make sure your money doesn’t go to waste. Our policy reimburses you the subscription fees if you cannot visit the golf course due to a valid reason.

What is not covered?


  • Loss or damage caused by wear and tear

  • Damage caused purposely by the insured person out of malicious intent

  • Consequential loss

  • War or nuclear perils

Disclaimer: For complete details of Policy coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions, please refer the policy wordings.