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What is FG Dog Health Cover?

Dogs are like family and they make each day brighter. We know how difficult it can get emotionally and financially when a family member gets sick or injured. 

And that’s why keeping them healthy and safe is important. At Future Generali, we get it!

Now you can do it effortlessly with our dedicated dog insurance. When you and your dog need us most, we’ll be there by your side with robust coverage and comprehensive plans. Take the worry out of covering unexpected pet care costs today with our insurance policy.

Why buy FG Dog Health Cover?

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What is Covered?

Our policy comes with comprehensive coverage, including:

Death and Funeral Cover

The death of your dog can be pretty brutal to deal will emotionally. But we’ll ensure it doesn’t hurt you financially. We have a dedicated death cover, under which you’ll receive the sum insured upon the death of your dog.

Moreover, our policy will cover all the expenses related to the burial or cremation of your beloved woofer.

Terminal Illness Cover

Though they don’t deserve it at all, dogs can fall victim to terminal illnesses just like humans do. Moreover, even the vet bills today cost as much as regular hospitals charge. But you won’t have to compromise on your dog’s health with our Dog insurance. We cover major terminal illnesses like:

·       Any cancer

·       Kidney Failure

·       Hepatitis

·       Leptospirosis

·       Canine distemper

·       Cardiac dysfunction

Ensure the best treatment for you doggo with our plan

Surgery and Treatment

If your doggy needs surgery or treatment to get back on its paws, we’ve got you covered! Our policy covers all the major surgeries and treatments. What’s more, we cover medical expenses as well, such as:

·       Vet Fees

·       Diagnostics Tests

·       Medicines, drugs and consumables

·       Intravenous fluids, blood transfusion, injection administration charges

·       Operation theatre charges

·       Prosthetics and other devices or equipment if implanted internally during Surgical Procedure

·       Intensive Care Unit charges

Pre-hospitalization and Post-hospitalization Expenses

Treatment isn’t limited to the hospital. Dogs need medications and to undergo tests way before they set their paws in the hospital. Thankfully, our policy takes care of pre-hospitalization expenses for up to 15 days before hospitalization.

Moreover, once your furry friend is out of the hospital, it might require more medications and additional treatment for recovery. We cover that as well under our post-hospitalization cover. We’ll pay all your bills for up to 15 days after discharge.

Add-Ons Covers

Leave no stone unturned in providing efficient care for your dog. Opt for our comprehensive add-ons for a 360-degree cover. Here’s all the additional coverage you can get:


  • Third-Party Liability

    Your dog can sometimes harm the public property or hurt another human being. It’s not their fault, as they lack the human sense of judgement. But you don’t! Opt for the liability cover, and stay protected against any third-party damage – personal or property-related.

  • Emergency Pet Minding

    Don’t have time to take care of your dog? Our policy will help you cover the expenses of a caretaker to ensure proper care for your dog.

  • Lost and Stolen Cover

    Your dog can sometimes wander off and get lost or may get stolen from you. We’ll help you cover the cost of locally advertising your dog’s situation, so you quickly get them back.

  • Veterinary Consultation and Doctor on Call

    One visit to the veterinarian can set you back by a lot. Luckily, we have an add-on for you that’ll save you this expense. With our veterinary consultation and doctor on call cover, all your consultations fees will be taken care of.

What is not covered?

Our policy does not include cost related to:


  • Dental complications

  • Overseas treatment

  • Skin-related treatments

  • Injuries or illness due to animal racing

  • Treatment of pre-existing diseases

  • Cosmetic, elective, routine, or preventive treatment

  • Treatment connected with breeding, pregnancy, or giving birth

  • Injuries or illness due to commercial guarding

  • Wilfully injuring your dog

  • Sale of the injured dog

  • Injury or death due to transportation

  • Euthanasia due to financial reasons or behavioural problems in dogs

  • Diseases or injuries occurring in the waiting period

  • Rewards provided to any person for finding the dog

Eligibility Criteria
Small, Medium, and Large Breeds
  • Entry age - 6 months onwards up to age of 7 years
  • Exit age - 10 years
Giant Breeds
  • Entry age - 6 months onwards up to age of 4 years
  • Exit age - 6 years

Here’s how we classify the breeds:


Weight (in Kg)


0 - 10


10 – 25


25 – 40


40 +

Advantages of buying FG Dog Health Cover?

How to buy FG Dog Health Cover?

  • Simply provide us a few details 1

    Simply provide us a few details

    All you need to do is give us the following for a quote:

    Dog Name

    Dog Breed

    Dog Age

  • Review the quote 2

    Review the quote

    Select a quote that suits your dog and fill our proposal form.

  • Pay and get your policy 3

    Pay and get your policy

    Now pay the premium and get your policy in your inbox!
What happens after purchase?

Once you have purchased the policy, you will receive the following:

  • Policy schedule
  • Premiums Receipt
  • Policy coverage and Terms & Conditions
  • If you want to make changes to your policy documents, you can fill this form and submit it at an FG branch.
  • You can fill this form if you need to make a claim and submit it to the nearest FG branch. You can also email it to us or initiate a claim online.
  • You can submit this form if you have any complaints or feedback for us to work on.
  • This document contains a list of Insurance Ombudsmen. If you are unhappy with the claim settlement we have provided, you can reach out to the Ombudsman for review.

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