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What is Future Health Protect Insurance?

Critical illnesses and accidents can hit you in the most unexpected times. It can cause your family to struggle both mentally and financially. That’s why it’s necessary to always stay prepared. But how? With our Future Health Protect Policy! It covers up to 20 critical illnesses, along with disability or death due to accidents. On the other hand, job loss can also put financial pressure on the entire family. The pressure is doubled if you have an ongoing loan. But we won’t let the burden of EMIs crush your savings. We’ll cover all your repayments if you lose your job or are unable to earn.


Our Future Health Protect Insurance is ideal for:

.    Employers looking to secure their employees financially

.    Families

Never let the financial burden fall on your family!

Be it accidents, illnesses, or loss of a job; we provide financial protection in all scenarios. Get our Future Health Protect plan today, and stay stress-free!

Salient Features

  • This policy is offered to loan borrowers and non-loan borrowers of financial institutions on Group basis, as per group guidelines of IRDAI.
  • he group can opt for – Critical Illness cover or Personal Accident cover.
  • The product will be offered on individual Sum Insured basis.
  • The policy covers maximum 20 Critical Illnesses (depending on the plan chosen).
  • 3 Co-applicants can be covered along with 1 Primary applicant in case of Loan linked policies.
  • Option for covering loan EMIs in the event of Loss of Job.

What is Covered?

Our policy provides all-round financial protection, which includes

Personal Accident cover

No matter how cautious you are, accidents will always find a way to meet you. You can’t physically prepare for accidents. But you can financially! Our policy will cover all problems caused due to accidents like:

Ø  Accidental death

Ø  Permanent total disablement

Loss of job

Losing a job during an ongoing loan can be quite stressful. But don’t worry; we’re here to take all your anxiety away. Our policy will take care of all loan repayments!

Critical Illness

Critical illnesses are long-lasting and may require frequent visits to the hospital. Since healthcare prices are increasing, medical bills will eat all your savings away. But with us by our side, you can sit back and relax. We will take care of all the bills. What’s more, our policy covers up to 20 critical illnesses!

Add On Covers

Yes, our policy offers add-on accidental cover that includes:

  • Permanent Partial Disablement cover
  • Temporary Total Disablement cover

What is not covered?


  • Cosmetic surgeries

  • Accidents due to consumption of alcohol or drugs

  • Accidents due to war or nuclear radiation

  • Experimental or unproven treatment

  • Self-inflicted injury or suicide attempt

  • Accidents due to participation in military or armed forces

  • Accidents due to participation in criminal activity or riots

  • Accidents due to not following the law

  • Sexually transmitted diseases

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PRODUCT NAME: Future Health Protect – Group | UIN NO: FGIHLGP22109V032122 | LAUNCH DATE: 20th May 2019