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Health Insurance Plans

Medical Insurance Plan For Family

Comprehensive Plan

Health Total

With increasing lifestyle hazards and expensive medical costs, are you looking for a policy against all such requirements?

One Policy for all your medical needs
Individual Health Insurance Plan

Future Health Suraksha

Individual Plan

What if you need cash for hospital expenses in the middle of the night and you have no access to cash at that moment?

Secure yourself from this emergency
Family Health Insurance Plan

Future Health Suraksha

Family Plan

How can you take care of your family’s health without depleting your savings?

Meet your family’s health needs
Personal Accident Insurance Plan

Accident Suraksha

Personal Accident

What if an unexpected accident leads to permanent or temporary disability? Could you continue maintaining lifestyle?

Protection from an unexpected event
Critical Illness Insurance Plan

Future Criticare

Critical Illness

What if you are diagnosed with a critical ailment that requires specialised care that regular health plan don't cover?

Get lump sum cash benefit now
Hospital Cash Insurance Plan

Future Hospicash

Hospital Cash

How to handle the incidental expenses that mount up every day in the hospital?

Reduce financial burden
Top Up Health Insurance Plan

Future Health Surplus


What if you require additional protection for your family apart from what’s covered in your health plan?

Check out our additional benefits
Surakshit Loan Bima

Surakshit Loan Bima

Surakshit Loan Bima

What happens when you have a huge loan to pay and you meet with some unfortunate incident. Imagine in case of an unfortunate event, an insurance that pays off your loan.

Secure yourself & your family

Here’s Why You Need To Get a Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Personal accident insurance is a type of general insurance that covers the risk of loss of life or disablement due to accidents that might occur while traveling or at work.

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5 Important Things to Consider Before Buying Medical Insurance Policy for Your Parents

The cost of healthcare is escalating every year. Treatments, surgeries and post-operative checkups are predicted to get more expensive in future. The rising cost of health care coupled with inflation can set back any family financially during a medical emergency.

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How medical insurance helps to avoid hospital costs

Life is uncertain and anything can happen at any moment. There are certain things which are more displeasing than getting hit with an unexpected medical bill. Hence, it is always better to have a medical insurance. Here are the steps you can take to avoid hospital fees with a medical insurance policy .

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